"Backstage Girl" lyrics

by Vi-3

Various Lyrics

Late at night when I close my eyes
I think about a face that I canít deny
And I wonder why, emotions fly
Thoughts multiply, then I start to cry (now)
Wonder why I feel this way
(Uh) Liviní my life from day to day
Thinkiní of the games that I used to play
If she was right here, this is what Iíd say (now)

Oh oh, girl...tell me whatís on your mind
Mind, girl...can we just spend some time in my world
All I really need is your sign
Sign, girl...gotta let me know, what your heart is feeliní

Itís the way you look, the way you talk, the way you walk
Gotta be the one you want, after the show baby
Youíre my backstage girl (From the front to the back, yo the place is packed)
Backstage girl (backstage...)
Itís the way you smile, the way you move, the way you groove
Wanna be the one you hold, when the lights go out baby
Youíre my backstage girl (But ya gotta wait in line, till we find the time)
Backstage girl...(backstage)

I never thought in my life, that Iíd find the one
But I see her every night when the show is done
And I realize, to my surprise
Donít wanna be alone, I want her by my side (now)
Even though she is hard to find
Sits V.I.P., inside my mind
After every show, I see her face in line
Cuz her backstage pass, will never be declined (now)


Well Iíve never been the kinda to wanna settle down
But you got me goiní crazy, and now Iíve found
That Iím doing these thangs, that I said Iíd never do
Goiní home...all alone, yo itís all for you
Donít wanna be the one to get with every girl
Liviní coast to coast, playiní around the world
Iím lookiní for the one, but runniní outta time
When I see you backstage, then I gotta make ya mine

We could take a little trip to the...hot-spot
Then take it to the floor, make it...hot-hot
Roll out in my ride, no...top-top
Back to the hotel, donít...stop-stop [2X]