"Lifetime" lyrics

by Prophet Jones

Various Lyrics

Thugs need Love Too!

[1st. verse - Goldie]

I been in love a time before
but it didn't work out right
This love for you I can't ignore
I try to run but I just can't hide, naw-naw

[Verse#2 - P.Rowe]
Girl I put my trust you
I'm not afraid of what my boys might say
Cause I know that my love is real
All I'm asking for is

A Lifetime is all that I need
I'm ready to settle down
And give you all of me
{I'm talkin bout a Life Time}

A Lifetime is all that I need
Don't ever take your love away
I'll be here always.

[Verse #3 - Goldie]
I can't believe I fill this way
I was always a player goin hard
So many girls so many games
I left a trail of broken hearts

[Verse #4 - P.Rowe]
But some how you came along
Came along and set my soul on fire
And ever since that day
My Life hasn't been the same [Hollywood & P.Rowe]

[Chorus Again]

[Bridge after Chorus]

I never thought I'd fall so deep
The thought of your love
It makes me weak
You came and turned my life around [Goldie]
OOOh you broke me down [P.rowe]
Words can't express the way I feel
Whatever you want just ask I will
Girl it's our time I've made up my mind [Goldie]

[Chorus Again/Adlib!]