"This Life" lyrics

by Magna-fi

Various Lyrics

Now i lay me down.
Tried so long I forgot what i'm trying for.
My heart laid before.
All that i wanted is absent.
In the comfort of your arms.
I can shut it all out.
Let is grow cold.
Let it fall away.

Give me a reason, help me,
Help me wash it all away.
Help me wash it all away.

I've grown to hate this life.
Everything i can't make right.
All the promises that i've failed.
Every night and everywhere I am.
All the dreams i can't let go.
Everytime i thought i should've known.
Everything i can't make right.
Everything that made me hate this life.

In these waking hours.
Sleeping apprehension.
The heart still beats, the lips still speak.
But the wrods fall dry.
Dry and useless like a smile from a friend that you missed.

Shut it all out.
Let it grow cold.
Let it fall away again.

Give me a reason, tell me.
Tell me everything's gunna be alright.
Everythings gunna be alright.

Theres gunna be things you never knew.
Some things you can't get through.
There's some things you just don't do.
Some things you can'y get through.
Oh no...
Don't want to hate this life.