Lyrics of Badly Drawn Boy

Various Lyrics

40 Days & 40 Fights
A Minor Incident
A Peak You Reach
Above You, Below Me
All Possibilities
Another Devil Dies
Another Pearl
Bedside Story
Born Again
Camping Next To Water
Cause A Rockslide
Donna & Blitzen
Easy Love
Everybody's Stalking
Fall In A River
Fewer Words
File Me Away
Four Leaf Clover
Have You Fed The Fish?
Holy Grail
I Was Wrong
Imaginary Lines
Life Turned Upside Down
Logic Of A Friend
Magic In The Air
Once Around The Block
One Plus One Is One
Pissing In The Wind
River, Sea, Ocean
Say It Again
Silent Sigh
Something To Talk About
Stone On The Water
Summertime In Wintertime
Take The Glory
The Further I Slide
The Shinning
This Is That New Song
This Song
Tickets To What You Need
Using Our Feet
Walking Out Of Stride
What Is It Now?
Year Of The Rat
You Were Right