"It's Hard To Be An Outlaw" lyrics

by Tracy Lawrence

Various Lyrics

Graffiti on the overpass skidmarks on the road
Things I grew up doing I never did outgrow
In the middle of those running years she walked into my life
She couldn't get the devil outta me Lord knows she tried
She was right as rain she was good as gold but I wouldn't change
And now she's gone and I'm just not not the same
But it's hard to be an outlaw outrun or outdraw
The laws of life that you once could ignore
It's a desperate desperado who can't see through his sorrow
What he was running from or running for
Oh it's hard to be an outlaw when you're not wanted anymore
[ guitar ]
There was nowhere left to turn to but back to my old self
Living like there's no tomorrow now meant somethin' else
The trails I used to live to blaze are winding up dead ends
With a voice inside my head reminding me what could have been
I was wild as the wind as cold as they come thinking I was cool
Now looking back I'm looking at a fool
But it's hard to be an outlaw...
[ guitar ]
It's a desperate desperado...