"How A Cowgirl Says Goodbye" lyrics

by Tracy Lawrence

Various Lyrics

A cup of coffee with the first sunlight at a last chance Texaco
I'm thumbin' through a worn out roadmap tryin' to decide which way to go
These empty miles that are memory they just seem to linger on
She left me on this lost highway wondering why and where she'd gone
That's how a cowgirl breaks a young man's heart
That's how my whole world slowly came apart
With a cold and empty stare as if I wasn't there she didn't even stop to cry
That's how a cowgirl says goodbye

Called up her mom down in Abilene just to find out how she fared
She said she'd stopped a while in San Antone spent some time with an old friend
With all this distance in between us I'm sure I never cross her mind
And it may take all these roads ahead just to leave it all behind
That's how a cowgirl breaks...
That's how a cowgirl breaks...