"Pictures He Drew" lyrics

by Bowling For Soup

Various Lyrics

He got up this morning
Rolled out of bed
And went out to change the world
Her head on his shoulder
he settles her down
It all started over and over again

His mom made him breakfast
Gets on the bus goes out to see the world
He lies on the ground, wipes blood from his nose
Wonders why heís the one that doesnít fit in

The pictures he drew
But if only they told him
Youíre never gonna be like anyone
And thatís okay
Give in to youíre feelings
Donít give in to the ones that will own ya
Sometimes they just donít go away

Six double martinis, a night on the town
it sure makes the mornings long
He never imagined a life time lie this would be
The only thing to let him get in

He gets up
He falls down
Wishes he could get the nerve to end it all now
He picks up the phone
And he slams it down
And swallows another
Now heíll never come around
Itís all or none
Itís one for one
You can make it
But you gotta do it all for youíre self