"The Bitch Song" lyrics

by Bowling For Soup

Various Lyrics

Is it OK if I speak to you today
Youíve been pissed off for a week now
but, nothing I can say could make you look up.
or crack up. Is there anything that I can do
Anything to show you

Youíre a bitch
but, I love you anyway
OH OH You canít sing
But, you still put me to sleep
Baby, Youíre a bitch
Hey Hey Hey Hey
You make me sick
But, donít ever go away

So you tell me that thereís nothing left to say
I drive you face the window
Then youíre in my face telling me to grow up
I wish youíd grow up
I canít wait until you fall asleep, I wonder if you know



Yeah youíre a bitch but I love you anyway
So why donít you...... Stay