"Belgium" lyrics

by Bowling For Soup

Various Lyrics

Lately I feel so small
Or maybe itís just that my bed has grown
I never noticed it before but you were there
So how was I to know

That this single bed
was always meant for two
not just anyone
it was meant for me and you

and now youíre halfway around the world
and Iím just a day behind
Nothin seems to fill the hole
That I have since you left my side
Youíll always be my little girl
Though I canít hold you tonight
And now youíre halfway round the world
And Iím just a day behind

I wake up in the night
I turn around and find that youíre not there
I just like to watch you sleep and lay by you
I love to feel you near
I think Iím going crazy
Everyday confusion starts to grow
I never noticed it before
But you were there so how was I supposed to know